Birth control subscription service with telemedicine
user experience research
art direction
interface design
front-end / back-end development

The FreeB is a great step towards simplifying lives of many women giving flexibility in caring for their health and the ability to choose birth control and receive professional medical advice anywhere at anytime.


Birth control has become essential part of most women lifes, but getting to clinic and receiving prescribed meds could take really long time which is critical in such tender question. Moving such service into online was a brilliant idea and thanks to Telehealth and we can provide qualified medical assistance more women who need it in less time.


It hasn't took time at all to decide to work on this project. We feel the impulse to change the game and took this opportunity to do our best. Working on all steps from general look and feel of the site to every single checkbox, we did a great service to treat every girl who need it.

  • – Telemedicine visits with a questionnaire for each prescription product;
  • – Subscription with options to Pause, Cancel and postpone next delivery;
  • – Doctor's personal account for signing prescriptions;
  • – Patient's personal account;
  • – Refills functionality (for prescriptions);
  • – Consultation page with all prescription info;
  • – Secure chat with the prescriber while signing a prescription;
  • – HIPAA compliant server;
  • – Specialized API integrated for signing prescriptions;

To create something special was decided to make our own photoshoot for this project. Thanks to all wonderful girls who took part in creating this magic. Models, makeup artists, stylists and photographer Martha Strashko felt our mood and did their best to express exactly that feeling of freedom, feminine, tenderness and strength.


First, we did UX research and found the easiest way to conduct a questionnaire for this exact project and what will be possible user flows. Simultaneously, we arranged a photo shoot: we did everything as a one-stop-shop - the client wasn't involved in choosing models, preparing studio, team, etc. We arranged all the team of 4 models, hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer. When the UX part and Photo Shoot were ready we did graphical part of the UI design and prepared a clickable prototype to be tested. Development is described in detail at the bottom of this case.

Enjoy your newfound freedom. Because we understand that you have better things to do than worry about your birth control.
How it works

It's simple as 1-2-3 - client chooses their birth control and goes through a simple questionnaire. Then the physician reviews the answers, then clarifies them in HIPAA compliant chat on the site if needed, and signs the prescription. If the client doesn't know what birth control type when wants - she can ask for help.
Ones prescription is signed, monthly subscription starts. No need to visit the doctor, drive to the pharmacy and stand in line anymore. Of course, FreeB doesn’t replace the existing primary care physician relationship.

Other pages

As an open and caring service FreeB has many extra info pages about all methods, meds and brands of birth control. User always can ask for advice, share her experience or find any extra details about everything needed.


To provide better service we ask women to tell us all critical aspects about their health, habits and purposes of using birth control. It was quite challenging to minimaze the amount of questions not to tire our users, but on the other hand to cover full scope of personal and medical info needed for decisionmaking about appropriate birth control method.


Vue.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, Wordpress admin.

For external pages, we developed a custom WordPress theme. Wordpress was used only as an admin panel to save time and budget. Since the site should be secure and HIPAA compliant, the logic and all features were developed on custom PHP on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend - without using any pre-made plugins.

Serhii Litnevski
- Art direction
Stanislava Nedeliaieva
- Design
Olesia Kozyra
- Design
Stanislav Khatko
- Back-End Development
Alex Shlikhta
- Front-End Development
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